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Our Sustainable Escapes

Think of Nine Central Guidelines

The philosophy and the intention of “Think of Nine” is to establish a well assorted and well varied vacation program. To bring it closer to the vacationers and sensitize them of new experiences, new life time experiences which vacationers can share with their community, family and friends at the end of their holidays.

In the spirit of Rama 9, it is our objective to act as a sustainable company, taking care for locals to arrange them better work conditions, to furnish them better jobs, to allow them a better life and future and grant them a better well-being.

The founder of Andaman Dream would like to provide new destinations to vacationers. Show them new activities to explore, such as eco-tourism, cultural tourism, agriculture tourism, community-based tourism, museum tourism and cooking experiences. Vacationers should enjoy by learning, by laughing, by smiling and involving all their available emotions.

Finally, the vacationers, the local community, the stakeholders, the employees and the co-workers have given support to each other and find jointly their happiness and their satisfaction.

Based on and taking into consideration these central guidelines, we have created our sustainable escapes.

Think of Nine Escapes

Nang Yam Thai Cooking Experience

1 Day
Learn to cook authentic Thai dishes with real Thai chefs in our home-style learning environment patronized by our safely hygiene […]
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James Bond Island Experience

A Full Day Guided Tour - 11 h
A full day journey to the famous islands A the Phang-nga Bay among other things to see.
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Unseen Phang Nga Experience

Full Day Guided Tour - 9 h
A full day journey to Phang-nga city and province. Discover unseen beauties.
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The Arena Muay Thai Phuket

The Arena – Muay Thai Phuket
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